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Analytical Unit


The mandate of the analytical unit is to adopt existing methods or develop new ones for determination of active ingredients against human disease vectors or agricultural pests during the research and development of formulations.  It is also the role of the unit to transfer the methods for quality control purposes to the quality control laboratory for routine monitoring of quality during factory production process of insecticide treated nets and garments. The analytical unit is also mandated with the role of generating chemical and physical data required by competent authorities for purposes of registration of products. All the tests are performed using CIPAC methods.



Chemical tests

  • Determination of active ingredient content of formulations by Gas Chromatography (GC) and(High performance liquid chromatography) HPLC methods.
  • Determination of total active ingredient content of LLIN bed nets GC method.
  • Determination of total active ingredient content of garments and nets by GC and HPLC.
  • Determination of surface concentration of active ingredient in bed nets and garments.
  • Determination of active ingredient wash resistance index of LLIN bed nets and treated garments.
  • Determination of active ingredient on surfaces after IRS application of insecticides.

Physical testing

  • Measurement of mesh size for bed nets.
  • Measurement of bursting strength for bed nets.
  • Dimensional stability of the fabrics  after ISO standard washing.
  • Determination of the g /m2 (GSM) of fabrics.
  • Determination of resistance to abrasion for fabrics.


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